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Ontario PC Campus Association
The Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association (OPCCA) is the campus youth wing of the PC Party of Ontario.

Our organization links together conservative campus clubs across the province. Our campus clubs provide the opportunity for conservative students to meet like-minded individuals from across the province and get involved in the political process through election campaigns, party activities and conservative activism in general.

Our organization has four main goals:

First, to study, discuss, and propose the policies of the Ontario PC Party through active participation in the policy process.

Second, to promote the ideas and ideals of conservatism on our campuses, in our communities and province.

Third, to promote and assist in the election of Ontario PC Party candidates to the Ontario Legislature and Conservative Party of Canada candidates to the Parliament of Canada.

Fourth, to promote and assist in the election of conservative politicians on our campuses and in our communities.

To achieve these goals OPCCA has a focus on recruitment on campus to bring youth into the PC Party of Ontario and the Conservative Party of Canada, as well as to run youth training programs for election skills, campus activism and club development. We recognize the potential that youth have to make a big difference to help win elections and help shape the future of our party, and feel it is important to develop conservative thought on campus to provide a more balanced and healthy academic environment.

If you share conservative principles, and want to meet like-minded individuals, sign up as a member of your campus club today!

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